Connecting Lives & Growing Faith on a Shared Journey

together we grow

Our journey with Jesus is a group project. You weren’t meant to do it alone! Journey Church Community Groups provide an opportunity for diverse groups of people to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and with each other as they do life alongside one another.

In Community Groups, you'll find a supportive environment where genuine connections flourish. Rooted in a shared commitment to grow spiritually in Jesus Christ, Community Groups fosters a sense of belonging and fellowship.

Whether you are new to the faith or a seasoned believer, our diverse community welcomes everyone, ensuring that no one walks alone. By joining Community Group you are embracing a shared experience of growth, encouragement, and mutual support as we navigate the joys and challenges of life together.

Join us and experience the strength of a community that amplifies the transformative power of faith.


Gathers every 1st and 3rd Friday evening

For Questions and Directions Please Contact:
Gathers every 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoon

For Questions and Directions Please Contact:


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