Dive into a community focused on helping others discover the beauty of the Gospel and the treasure of Jesus.

You're not alone here at Journey! We believe that learning Biblical truth, asking questions, and doing life together as we pursue Christ is how we grow.


Be a part of building bridges in our larger community as we serve people and deliver the good news of the Gospel.

Learn more below about how you can Discover your journey, be a Disciple, and Deliver in your community.

  • ADORN Women's Ministry was birthed out of a desire to see women ADORNed with the beauty of the gospel, finding their righteousness, identity, purpose, and joy in Christ, and to equip them to in turn ADORN that same good news before a watching world.

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  • ARMOR Men's Ministry exists to see men pursue the Gospel individually and as a community, striving every day to put on the armor of God, that we might stand firm in His calling for our lives

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  • For the Hurts, Habits, and hangups of life —Celebrate Recovery in a place to find support for your struggles in a community of people that truly understand what you're going through.

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  • Community Groups are your gateway to a vibrant and fulfilling spiritual journey. Here, you'll find not just a gathering but a family. A place where connections are made, faith deepens, and genuine community blossoms.

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  • At our children's ministry, we cherish the littlest members of our community. Our mission is simple yet powerful: we aim to help kids discover the beauty of the Gospel, learn important truths, grow closer to God, and share the joyous Good News with everyone they meet. Join us in nurturing these young hearts and minds, and let's inspire faith together!

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  • In the gentle whispers of a heartfelt prayer, we find solace, guidance, and an unbreakable bond that united in love and hope. Whether you seek strength, healing, or simply wish to deepen your connection with the God, our Prayer Team welcomes you with open arms and open hearts.

    If you require prayer support, you can submit a prayer request by using the form on the following page.

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